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Russia accuses US Navy destroyer of Visiting territorial waters in Sea of Japan

Russia has accused a US naval vessel of”working illegally” in territorial waters in the Sea of Japan near the nation’s far east.

The USS John S. McCain, that was in the Region for Many days,” violated the territorial waters of the Russian Federation from the Gulf Peter the Great”,” according to a statement by the Russian Defence Ministry.

The incident happened at 04:17 (CET) on Tuesday when the US boat spanned two kilometers past the sea border, the ministry stated.

The Admiral Vinogradov of the Russian Pacific Fleet delivered a warning to the American destroyer, threatening to”utilize a ramming maneuver to chase the violator from its territorial waters,” the announcement added.

The US boat is thought to have returned to impartial foreign waters.

Admiral Vinogradov was ongoing to observe its moves, as well as the other vessel, was dispatched to the region, Moscow added.

Territorial waters in the Gulf Peter the Great have been contested since 1984 when the US refused to recognize a claim into the region from the USSR.

The USA has stated that Russia’s announcement about the mission would be”untrue” and the USS John S. McCain wasn’t expelled from the seas.

“McCain conducted this liberty of navigation performance in light of international law and proceeded to run regular operations in international waters.”

“The performance reflects our dedication to upholding liberty of navigation and legal uses of the sea for a principle, and the United States will not bow intimidation or be coerced into accepting false maritime claims, like the ones created by the Russian Federation.”

Incidents between boats of the 2 nations, accusing each other of hazardous maneuvers, have happened before, but more frequently from the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean.

In the summer of 2019, a US cruiser and a Russian destroyer came dangerously near the China Sea, as stated by the Russian and US armies, that blamed each other for the episode.

China previously said in October the USS John S. McCain had broken its territorial waters around the disputed Paracel Islands and called on the US to”prevent such provocative activities”.