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Russia and Africa: working towards a win-win Venture

Last updated on November 2, 2019

Putin stated, “Within the last five decades, trade between Russia and African countries has nearly doubled to over $20 billion. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s too tiny. Of this $20 billion, $7.7 billion reflects our commerce with Egypt, which is nearly 40 percent, whereas in Africa there are lots of quite promising spouses with fantastic growth potential! So, of course, that is not enough”

Moscow carved a dominant market, by encouraging the struggles for decolonization. Notably in Mali, a country that’s been a friend for almost 60 decades, remembered President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

“As early as 1961, Russia had awarded us the suggestion of needing to collaborate with us and we owe this nation our very first industrial components, those who made it feasible to make state-owned businesses and partnerships in Mali, which indicated the seal of economic cooperation between our nations,” explained Boubacar.

“And I think there’s a new deal, a new age, where everything has been rethought… it is, thus, a fresh indication of collaboration that’s resuming with Russia in most regions and from today, every 3 decades, we’ll have a Summit, occasionally in Africa, occasionally here in Russia. Past the classic army, Mali, such as other African states, is based on Russian experience to create different industries,” Boubacar added.

Safia Boly, Malian Minister accountable for promoting personal pensions stated, “You understand Mali is a logistics hub. We now have seven boundaries with seven distinct nations, so becoming a landlocked nation, a fantastic infrastructure enables us not just to connect to several nations in the sub-region but also to increase export opportunities for our businesses.”

“We have quite excellent mining bookings, we made 66 tons of gold this past year and we are aware that the chances are much more than that. The next sector is that the agriculture sector (agro-industry), in which we have quite considerable potential and we wish to attract a lot more Russian traders,” clarified Boly.

If Russia makes substantial investments in Africa, the nation isn’t just positioning itself as a savior, but as a win-win company associate…

“It is collaboration, reasonable cooperation between either side. It provides us a chance to locate new technology, to talk about this,” explained Sorokin. “I strongly feel that our businesses, our track record shows we do discuss technologies, we are prepared to talk about culture, we’re all set to take civilization in from our spouses and develop together. Since we’re both on the course of expansion which means that we must collaborate to the benefit of every one of those parties,” additional Sorokin.

In his final speech, Vladimir Putin emphasized his commitment to strengthening stability and security in the continent. He also affirmed the need to set up win-win partnership prices in areas such as public health and transportation.

From that Summit, Russia is positioning itself as a strategic partner on a continent where, until today, China or even the West is a few steps ahead. Moreover, to accomplish this, the nation expects to rely on its own military experience, but also put conversation and reciprocity in perspective.