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Russia threatens to Stop Conversation with EU amid Navalny spat

Russia’s foreign minister warned Tuesday that Moscow could suspend its connections with the European Union in response to the sanctions within the avoidance of Russian resistance chief Alexei Navalny — an unparalleled danger which reflects a bitter Russia-EU strain.

“We probably only need to temporarily quit speaking to those individuals from the West that is responsible for foreign policy and also do not know the need for respectful dialog,” Lavrov said in a foreign policy summit attended by specialists in Moscow.

“Russia would like to know whether it is possible to do some business with the EU from the recent states,” Lavrov added.

EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell supplied no details regarding who may face sanctions or if the steps may develop into force, but stated that specialized work on preparing the actions will now go.

Navalny, an anti-corruption investigator as well as also the most visible opponent of President Vladimir Putin, fell sick on Aug. 20 during a national trip in Russia. He had been flown to Germany for treatment two weeks afterward and remains recovering there.

Last week, evaluations conducted in labs directed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons verified the toxin used on Navalny was a Novichok neural agent. Navalny claimed his poisoning just could have been arranged by spymasters who would not have made such conclusions without Putin’s participation

The Kremlin has resisted Navalny’s offenses as”absolutely groundless and improper.”

The Kremlin also revealed that until Navalny’s move to Charite Hospital in Berlin, Russian labs along with a hospital at the Siberian city of Omsk discovered no indication of poisoning. Moscow has known for Germany and the OPCW to supply its evidence, and bristled in Western leaders’ insistence that Russia answer questions regarding what happened to this politician.