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Russians Maintain WWII ancestors’ portraits in windows

Millions of Russians marked Victory Day on Saturday by revealing portraits of the ancestors that fought in World War II.

Victory Day commemorates the defeat of Nazi Germany and has been especially important this year since it’s the 75th anniversary of the close of the war in Europe.

But many significant ceremonies, such as a mass procession known as the Immortal Regiment, were postponed due to the coronavirus.

Ordinarily, Russians turn out in huge quantities for the Immortal Regiment processions if civilians audience the roads showing photos of relatives who perished in the war or endured for this.

An internet substitute for those processions happened Saturday, including almost three million photos of veterans.

Towards night, portraits were exhibited from balconies, while lights and candles were lit up in tens of thousands of windows paying tribute to people who perished in the battle.

The Immortal Regiment stream will stay online for many times as there were numerous participants.