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Sacred rite to Orthodox Christians into Bethlehem marred with coronavirus

Among the Very sacred Easter symbols of the Christian Orthodox Religion – That the Holy Fire – Came at the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Saturday (April 18).

However, the coronavirus outbreak intended just a high group of Eastern Orthodox clerics could receive it.

This year, audiences are banned to suppress the spread of this virus.

The Holy Fire ritual celebrated the day before the Orthodox Easter, marks the impression that a fire looks spontaneously each year in the grave of Jesus at Jerusalem.

The ritual dates back 1,200 decades, and the exact details of the fire’s origin are a tightly guarded secret.

By Jerusalem, the flame is dispersed to Bethlehem, where tradition says Jesus was born, and also to a range of Eastern Orthodox states.

Since the coronavirus lockdown continues, Israel has stated it’s making arrangements to assist church leaders move the fire into predominantly Orthodox countries such as Greece, Russia, and Romania.