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Salman Khan jokes Around Dabangg 3:’I’ve written the script, this Movie is for the critics who’ll say Exactly What a story’

Salman Khan was his witty self in the trailer launching of his movie Dabangg 3 and didn’t disappoint when he took on the stage together with his group to discuss the movie. After the host showed that the movie was dubbed in 3 languages and are going to have pan-India launch, ” the actor said disgustingly,”I have written the script. What a narrative’! Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada — we’ll be defeated throughout the nation. If we’re a hit, we’ll be a hit in the whole nation.”

But, Salman adjusted her instantly, “It is ok for me to state this, you do not say ” Sonakshi cried and place her point that she can say the same thing for a number of her movies.

Salman also talked about his muscular body and his shirtless scenes from the movie, “It was always there. It was always concealed. To begin with, I was able to be somewhat comfortable with no top and now I’m familiar with my clothes on,” he explained.

Assessing Dabangg 3 into the preceding installments, Salman said, “The next one ought to be the largest of the lot. Normally, the sequels do not do in addition to the initial one. We’ve worked hard with this one. There isn’t simply action and entertainment but also includes a narrative. It’s a lot more than simply masala.”

“I’ve been feeling as though my very first movie is releasing all around again. It is a odd feeling,” she explained.