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Salman Khan’s Mysterious tweet after Inshallah Becoming postponed hints in Eid 2020 Launch for Kick 2

Even as fans have been getting on the disappointment of Salman Khan’s Eid 2020 launch, Inshallah, becoming shelved, the celebrity has shared, precisely what many believe, is fantastic news. In sync with his previous promise he would release a movie on Eid 2020 despite Inshallah getting pushed, he chose to Twitter on Monday evening to produce a mysterious announcement that will hold the secret of his plan of activity for the festival next year. Aur Eid pe bhi (Do not fret so much about me, I live on your hearts. The mysterious tweet borrows Salman’s lineup in his 2014 Eid blockbuster, Kick. “Mere bare mein itna mat sochna, Dil mein aata hoon samaj mein nahi (Do not fret so much about me, I live on your hearts but maybe not on your perception),” his character says in the movie.

Fans shot Salman’s most up-to-date tweet within an attestation of the fact he has pushed Inshallah to launch Kick 2 on Eid 2020.

Earlier in the afternoon, Salman had declared on Twitter his movie with Sanjay Leela Bhansali Inshallah was pushed and won’t launch on Eid 2020.

Bhansali Productions additionally tweeted stating they’ve decided to not proceed with the film as of this moment. This, naturally, was a significant disappointment for Salman’s lovers because Inshallah will be reuniting the celebrity using filmmaker Bhansali, and additionally pairing him reverse Alia Bhatt.