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Samsung rolls out Applications Upgrade for Galaxy S10, Note 10 to Correct fingerprint recognition Insect

Last updated on October 24, 2019

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has upgraded software to repair issues with fingerprint recognition attributes on its own flagship Galaxy S10 and Notice 10 tablets, it said on Wednesday.

Samsung issued an apology using its customer care program Samsung Members and advised its Galaxy mobile users to upgrade their biometric authentication to the most recent software version.

A British consumer told The Sun newspaper a bug on her Galaxy S10 let it be unlocked irrespective of the biometric information enrolled in the gadget.

Samsung has stated the problem can occur when routines emerging on particular protections which include silicon cases are recognized alongside fingerprints.

“Samsung Electronics requires the safety of merchandise very seriously and will be certain that you fortify security through continuing advancement and upgrades to increase biometric authentication purposes,” the firm stated on its Korean program.

Videos on technology community sites show Galaxy devices could be unlocked via silicon protectors with a persimmon or a little doll.

Samsung said it might send alerts for software updates to Galaxy S10 and Notice 10 users that have enrolled their biometric information.

The Bank of China has attracted fingerprint payments from a particular Samsung apparatus and Alipay’s fingerprint payment confirmation purpose app has been suspended for a few Galaxy devices.