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San Francisco Columbus statue vandalised on namesake US Vacation

Several statues of Christopher Columbus from the US have been vandalized on his namesake vacation on Monday.

The 15th-century Italian navigator, among the earliest Europeans to reach the Americas, has come to be a polarising figure from the nation, and Columbus Day increasingly controversial.

There were calls from Native American campaigners for Columbus Day to be renamed”Indigenous Peoples Day”, mentioning the opinion which Columbus lacked countless centuries of genocide against native populations from the Americas. A couple of nations declared the day as such on Monday.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands used the vacation to celebrate Italian civilization in North Beach, San Francisco’s”Little Italy”.

San Francisco city manager Aaron Peskin known as the vandalism of this statue”despicable behavior”, including: “These are events which occurred 500 decades back. The cops will find out what they can find in these movies. If a person can be discovered and apprehended and charged they’ll be.”