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Sandesh Jhingan Finest in India, should keep pushing himself: Gouramangi Singh

“I’ve seen him from quite close quarters and he’s just like a younger brother. Sandesh is the very best center-back in India at this time,” Gouramangi said before India’s World Cup qualifier from Bangladesh to be performed on October 15.

“He must keep hard himself take his game to another level. He’s got the capability to accomplish that. He’s 26 and this is the correct time to realize his potential.

“I told you he’s the best, but he could get much better.

Asked what would be the areas he believes Sandesh should work on, Gouramangi explained: “I can not be specific. He’s right there. You’ve seen him perform and most of us know how great he is. He simply wants to keep pushing himself to stay healthy and look after the human body. Time flies and he will not repent it. I advise him to steer clear of accidents as far as possible and keep working hard.”

Sandesh is India’s defensive mainstay and has been a stone in the back in the Group E World Cup qualifying matches up to now.

“India defended brilliantly in that match (Qatar) however I believe that they were better against Oman. Yes, they declared a goal late on but they ought to have won it on a different day,” explained Gouramangi who had been a very important member of their side that participates in the 2011 Asian Cup at Doha, Qatar.

India missed talisman and top goalscorer Sunil Chhetri within their game against Qatar since the skipper was down with influenza.

“He’s a vegan today. It only goes to show that even after achieving a lot, he’s got the desire to do more. Not to compromise his body one piece and remain healthier. I moved into his position on his birthday lately and I told him was to keep going. India will constantly require Sunil Chhetri,” explained Gouramangi.

“He’s an inspiration for all of the young players from the team for how he’s on and off the pitch. These young men in the group are blessed to have him”

“You can’t be discriminated against them. You never know they could spring a surprise. We have to continue the fantastic job and win. We’re yet to do this at the qualifiers.”

“I hear that he speaks about the boys a great deal and takes care of those. These small things are so significant. The team was doing well beneath him and I hope that he continues the fantastic work,” additional Gouramangi who’s currently a part of Bangalore United Football Club’s specialized staff and is an AFC’B’ accredited coach.