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‘Sardines’ Motion in Bologna, Italy Expects to Obstruct far-right

Thousands of protesters gathered in Bologna in northern Italy before a regional vote on January 26.

They’re a part of a”sardines” motion – named for packaging many demonstrators into town squares – and so were demonstrating against far-right pioneer Matteo Salvini.

The team was formed by four strangers from town last November to combat Salvini’s anti-immigration message.

Organizers said about 30,000 to 40,000 people turned up but those figures have not been confirmed by police.

On Saturday at Maranello, Salvini held a rally with Lega candidate Lucia Borgonzoni.

Some surveys show close boundaries between Salvini’s League celebration and the present center-left authorities whilst others reveal that the breakup is broad favoring Salvini.

The former interior ministry expects to bring down the Five-Star Movement later it won the largest vote in federal elections two decades back.