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Scaramucci says he Is’Only getting started,’ will raise money for anti-Trump Work

Anthony Scaramucci, financial investor and short-lived communications manager for U.S. President Donald Trump, stated on Friday he had been raising money to stop his former boss out of being re-elected.

In an interview with Reuters at Toronto, Scaramucci discussed his previous support for the president and the prospect of the next Republican running an active effort to unseat Trump at a main nominating competition, which he thinks is the most probable result.

“There is no question. I am increasing PAC money,” he stated, speaking to political action committees that help boost funds for applicants. “He is a very, very terrible man, and he wants to be eliminated.”

Trump’s ex-communications manager lasted only 11 days at the project before he had been fired as a consequence of an expletive-laden on-record dialogue with a New Yorker reporter at which Scaramucci lambasted other senior White House staffers.

The last two months have seen him participate in a bitter and extremely public war of words with his former supervisor since the two traded insults on Twitter and in press interviews — warfare that Scaramucci states are “just getting started.

He declined to state if the PAC money goes towards encouraging Democrats, insisting that Trump won’t be the Republican candidate on the 2020 ballot.

“I will be on the road in swing states speaking to suburban girls about this individual and the threat this individual gifts to their kids,” Scaramucci said.

His prior support for the president has been because of”taking amounts of gaslighting (psychological exploitation ) I shouldn’t have been accepting,” he explained.

“Think as a patriot.

Trump, for his part, has turned on his former worker, calling Scaramucci that a”highly unstable nut job,” that a”dope” and”a psychological mess” onto Twitter.