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Schoolgirl wrestles crocodile, gouges its Own Eyes to Conserve Buddy in Zimbabwe

A schoolgirl in Zimbabwe has wrestled a massive crocodile by leaping on its back and gouging its own eyes to rescue her friend in the grasp of this reptile, reports stated.

Her buddy, Rebecca Munkombwe, jumped to the rear of the crocodile when she noticed Latoya’s cries because the reptile was yanking her away.

“I had been among all of the kids who had been swimming. Consequently, I felt the impulse to save,” she explained.

Reports stated the crocodile had caught Latoya by her leg and hand. On discovering that, Rebecca started wrestling the reptile and maintained on gouging its eyes until its clasp on her woman was loosened.

“After Latoya was liberated, I jumped with her into the banks. The crocodile didn’t attack us,” she explained.

A nurse told a regional media outlet that Latoya continued moderate injuries.

Her dad, Fortune Muwani, explained: “I’m thankful to God.”

“Latoya is recovering nicely… and we expect to be discharged shortly,” he added.