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Scotland Yard clamps down Kashmir Demonstration on Diwali

Scotland Yard on Thursday declared a set of limitations on the suggested Kashmir parade on Sunday, forbidding gathering of protestors away from the Indian high commission, which had been the spectacle of violence on August 15 and September 3.

The limitations on the 10,000-strong demonstration were declared after pressure from New Delhi and the Indian community concerned over possible for duplicate of violence.

Due to start from out Downing Street at 10 am and finish at 5 pm outside India House, it will now start at 2 pm and finish at Trafalgar Square.

Matt Twist of Scotland Yard said: “countless protests take place every year in London, representing several distinct causes and perspectives. We know this is a substantial anniversary date for all those protesting, and recognize this drops on the major Hindu festival of Diwali”.

“My aim on the day is going to be to balance the rights of these protesting with individuals who might be impacted by it. We’ll take all necessary actions to reduce crime and disease. Those attending the presentations can expect to observe a substantial police presence”.

“Taking into consideration the estimated number of protestors, also to avoid severe disruption, we’ve imposed pre-event states on the free Kashmir protest under Sections 12 and 14 of the Public Order Act”.

“The meeting and march must commence in Parliament Street, procedure along Whitehall and ending at Trafalgar Square. These are extremely iconic London places, allowing excellent visibility of this demonstration, but will prevent the critical disturbance which could be caused if streets nearer to the High Commission has been obstructed,” he further added.

India had delivered a note verbal’ (diplomatic notice ) into the Foreign Office about the problem, amidst fury that concerns raised by the neighborhood and New Delhi over such anti-Indian actions are believed to have been treated as”regular”.

“This Sunday, there’s the danger of 10,000 individuals being attracted to show beyond the Indian high commission on Diwali–the very sacred day for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. What action will the Government take to stop violent protests that this Sunday”.

Johnson responded: “I combine my hon. Buddy, that speaks strongly and well because of his constituency, in deploring presentations that wind up being intimidating whatsoever”.

“He will know that this is a police operational thing, but I have only been talking to my proper hon. Friend the Home Secretary, also she’ll be raising it with the authorities. We should all be evident in this House that violence and intimidation anyplace in this nation are completely unacceptable”.

The security and safety of diplomatic assignments in the united kingdom, and their employees, is of extreme concern”.