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Serbia launches Research into Financing of Faith groups and government Leaders

Serbia’s finance ministry has launched a probe into possible money laundering and funding of terrorism contrary to heaps of faith groups, independent journalists and opposition politicians that have criticized alleged government corruption and anti-democratic policies.

The analysis seeks to get private bank information from several groups as well as people. The ministry denies it is a targeted assault on critics, stating these are routine proceedings.

“These are routine activities directed at assessing the probability of terrorism funding,” said Zeljko Radovanovic, acting manager of the state jurisdiction against money laundering.

The civic groups have demanded that the government instantly ceases what they state is the abuse of this mechanism against money laundering and financing terrorism to bully organizations that act as checks and balances for its executive.

They’ve accused the government of attempting to silence critics amid mounting discontent within the autocratic rule of President Aleksandar Vucic along with his administration’s handling of this COVID-19 catastrophe in the Balkan nation.

Slobodan Georgiev, the mind of TV Newsmax Adria Serbia, that will be under investigation said that the movement is”a method of criminalizing people”

“We’re currently all placed in precisely the same basket as offenders,” he explained.

Radovanovic, the ministry, told the state Tanjug news agency that the human body also has researched four behaving government ministers, including that non-government groups, shouldn’t be treated as”holy cows”

In its most recent report, faith watchdog Freedom House rated Serbia as a”hybrid regime” instead of democracy due to declining standards in government, justice, elections, and press freedom.