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Serbia Place to join US on EU’s travel ban list, say sources in Brussels

Awful news for Americans Expecting to Journey in the European Union.

That’s down to a new spike of COVID-19 infections.

Serbia, that was formerly on the record, is defined to be removed with a rise in the number of instances in the Balkans nation, EU sources told Euronews.

“This could be unpopular but it’s quite tricky to dispute the fact that the epidemic is climbing in the USA,” said Kristine Berzina, by the German Marshall Fund.

“This is challenging for the president but it’s also a fact and also the EU’s policies are grounded in reality”

“It’d be erroneous to believe that in any given time the record is finalized,” explained Berzina. “I believe this is something which we are going to need to become accustomed to.”

The most recent variant of the EU’s protected list will probably be formally published on Wednesday.

According to our sources, Serbia is defined to be removed from the record – that the epidemic has worsened there lately.

Generally, the list comprises states with COVID-19 rates which are the same or lesser than the EU’s.