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Serbian defence Ministry tests positive for coronavirus

Serbian defense ministry Aleksandar Vulin has tested positive for coronavirus, ” the authorities said in a statement.

Vulin doesn’t have signs for the virus and will continue to perform his job at self-isolation. He had been analyzed after a state secretary at Serbia had been hospitalized for COVID-19, the defense ministry said in a statement.

Vulin inquires that”all citizens to adhere to the steps” adopted by the government to”stop the spread, suppress and extinguish COVID-19,” the ministry added.

Serbia eased from its coronavirus lockdown in May and lately has seen instances start to climb again. The nation has listed 13,565 instances and 265 deaths.

Vulin was in Moscow, Russia on Tuesday last week where he saw 75 members of the Serbian Army Guard who proceeded to take part in a Victory Parade to mark the 75th anniversary after World War II.

Serbian media have reported that additional government officials have tested positive for the virus however that President Aleksandar Vučić is nice.

Vučić satisfied with Vladimir Putin during his trip to Russia and also EU leaders in Brussels on Friday night.