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‘Serious’ Episode at Finnish nuclear power plant in Check

Police have said there isn’t any threat after a”severe” episode was reported in a nuclear power station in Finland.

The episode happened in reactor two of the Olkiluoto power station, at the southwest of the nation at 12.22 local time (11:22 CET).

Nevertheless, the Finnish nuclear safety authority (STUK) later confirmed that the problem was steady and the reactor was shut down.

“A serious unexpected disturbance happened at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant component two,” STUK stated in an announcement.

“The disturbance was potentially brought on by a fault in the purification procedure for the reactor water… there was no radioactive release into the environment.

STUK included there was no requirement for protective steps and they didn’t anticipate any threat beyond the unit. No employees or employees were subjected to radiation or hurt from the incident.

“STUK began the emergency actions immediately in total force because of exceptionally large radiation levels within the device,” said director general Petteri Tiippana.

“There are approximately 80 persons after the circumstance, but we don’t observe a serious threat.”