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Seven benefits of Kefir

Kefir is an acidic-alcoholic fermented milk product with has little sour taste and creamy consistency. It is made from kefir grain which is a kind of starter for yogurt. Kefir grain is a combination of yeast, bacteria and milk proteins. Traditionally kefir was made with cow milk but it can be made with non-dairy products like coconut milk or water or rice milk.

Kefir is an excellent drink for your gut since it has live organisms which suit really well to your gastrointestinal tract. 

It is a nutrient rich drink full of potassium, calcium, B vitamins and protein. The magical drink has much more to offer than just repairing your gut. Let’s have a look at its prime benefits.

Seven benefits of Kefir

  1. Strengthens Bone Density and Minimizes the Risk of Osteoporosis – Intake of calcium in an appropriate quantity is a must have if you want good bones and avert the risk of osteoporosis increasingly seen in old age and adult women. 

Full fat kefir is not only rich in calcium but also vitamin K2 which plays an important role in calcium metabolism. Taking calcium alone does not help.  Supplementing it with K2 has shown less number of fractures since it leads to calcium absorption in bone cells.

  1. Boon for Digestive System – With the increased awareness regarding the benefits of probiotics, we all know that probiotic foods are good for controlling various digestive issues like bowel syndrome, ulcers, diarrhea etc.

Kefir supports in restoring the healthy bacteria in your gut.

  1. Kefir may Help Combat Cancer Cells – Cancer is a global issue at present. It is one of the leading causes of mortality. 

The underlying cause for cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in body. 

Kefir is full of probiotics which may help in reducing the growth rate of tumour growth by building the immune system. However there are no studies supporting the same in humans so far.

  1. It has Antibacterial Properties – Probiotics in kefir also help in protection against infections due to their antibacterial properties. One of such probiotics is Lactobacillus kefiri. Studies show that probiotics can slow down the growth of a couple of harmful bacteria causing infection.
  1. Low in Lactose – Normal dairy products have a natural sugar called lactose.  You would have heard or read about lactose intolerance as a disclaimer on dairy products.  Lactose intolerance is a state when the body is not able to break and digest lactose properly. 

Since kefir has lactic acid bacteria, it turns lactose into lactic acid which makes this drink much lower in lactose content.  Also the enzymes present on it, further enables breaking of lactose. 

 So, for those who are lactose intolerant, kefir is a good substitute and also you can make it with coconut water which will make it totally lactose free.

  1. Kefir may prove to Control Allergies – People who have over sensitive immune system are more prone to allergies.  While human studies have still not taken place, kefir has been tested on animals and it has been observed that it reduces inflammatory responses leading to allergies and asthma.
  1. Aids in Weight Loss – Since kefir is rich in protein, adding it in small quantity in your meal gives you a feeling of fullness and thus you avoid eating too much. It increases your metabolism and helps in fast burning of the calories.

So start with the drink today if you feel you have any of these health issues.