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Seven killed in floods after torrential downpours in Greek island

At least seven people including a young child and an older couple have died following flash flood brought on by torrential rain over the Greek island of Evia.

Lots of people needed to be airlifted to safety after streets were flooded, along with the fire department has received hundreds of calls to pump water out of homes and vehicles.

1 person remains missing and heaps of others remain trapped inside their houses and automobiles.

She continued: “And the river, the water, everything began to come in the home. We needed to stand on anything we can to not drown.”

Nikos Hardalis, Greece’s deputy minister of civil defense, stated there was 350 mm of rain in 24 hours substantially greater compared to 63 mm which has been forecast. He explained the damage brought on by the storm was enormous in certain regions of central Evia.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to go to the area on Monday.

Transportation was broadly disrupted. Firefighters said they arrived upon countless dead sparrows after trees had been struck by lightning.

Many sailors criticized the police for not implementing the 112 emergency evacuation method to deliver a message to all cellular phone users urging them to leave their houses.

However, Hardalis explained: “If we’d done this we would have experienced countless deaths.

“The 112 emergency messaging program was set up, but whenever you’ve got a phenomenon similar to this, you don’t ask for any sort of evacuation. It might have cost tens of thousands of human lives”

Extreme weather isn’t unusual in Greece, in which 24 people were killed when flash flooding hit the city of Mandra west of Athens in November 2017.