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Shah Rukh Khan Matches Pupils at alma mater St. Columba’s:’One of our friends even Begun crying on Watching him

1 nice Sunday, St. Columba’s School located in the center of Delhi welcomed among the most distinguished alumni – celebrity Shah Rukh Khan. In what had been a hush-hush affair, Shah Rukh’s trip to his alma mater happened in the existence of a couple members of the faculty administration, including chief Brother EV Miranda, also 18 pupils who had been a part of their institution’s music and theater society.

“At first it seemed like a joke before SRK stepped from the car leaving us amazed,” said an overwhelmed senior secondary pupil. “He was not looking real for certain.

Well, not only did the celebrity leave pupils awestruck but besides, he shook hands together and hugged them. “One of our friends even begun crying watching him close.

A trip to his alma mater would appear impossible with no reference to SRK’s previous, the merchandise, the poor and of course the rumors. The senior secondary tier student disclosed a rumor that’s been echoing from the campus since SRK shot to fame after graduating from St. Columba’s in 1985 – that he had been fond of this”Chemistry laboratory”.

But much to the pupils’ dismay, King Khan replied in negative. “No, I loathed the chemistry laboratory, it is only a made-up narrative,” that the Zero celebrity informed the 18 Columbians.

And for its SRK fans wondering what else was composed about the celebrity, yet another one of those 18 stated, “There is a rumor he had been the captain of all of the sports group in our college “

“We introduced with him his signature pose when he signed autographs for many of us stayed for about two hours”

Like many others, the celebrity, also, used to bunk classes, a pupil revealed. His interaction with the pupils was being taken by a manufacturing team, as is observed at one of the images.