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Sharpie-gate? Donald Trump shows seemingly shifted Hurricane Dorian’s map

At a White House video published on Wednesday Trump points into an official weather graph dated Aug. 29 revealing the nations that could be struck in exactly what the National Hurricane Center calls for the”cone of uncertainty” A curved line was added to the cone to the graph to demonstrate a threat that Dorian can proceed from Florida to Alabama.

“It was likely to strike not just Florida, but Georgia, it might have, it was moving towards the Gulf, which was exactly what we, what had been initially estimated…,” Trump says in the movie.

Trump in the weekend at a tweet had appointed Alabama among the countries that could be struck. The National Weather Service refused that at its tweet 20 minutes after.

“Alabama won’t find any consequences from #Dorian. We replicate, no consequences from Hurricane #Dorian is going to probably be felt across Alabama. The machine will stay a lot east,” that the National Weather Service at Alabama tweeted.

When reporters asked Trump if the graph was drawn with a Sharpie pen, ” the president stated:”I do not understand; I really don’t understand.”