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Ship with 200 migrants aboard Looking for a Vent to dock after Blossom Imports

A rescue boat with over 200 migrants aboard is trying hard to come across an interface which will enable it to the dock.

The boat of German NGO Sea-Watch has been refused access to Malta.

“This charade must finish!” Sea-Watch stated, asserting that the migrants have been in poor health.

A teenage boy having”extensive gas burns” was rescued by Italy’s Coast Guard on Wednesday and moved to a hospital, but others are still awaiting dock.

The migrants were stored during several surgeries launched from the Mediterranean before this week.

Eighty-nine of these were rescued by the Louise Michel, a pink boat painted and sponsored by street-artist Banksy, before being moved aboard the Sea-Watch 4 afterward.

It’s uncertain whether Malta’s neighbor Italy will take the migrants.

Last week, the Senate of Sicily closed all migrant centers about the island following the hotspots got too busy to keep social distancing and a few of them tested positive for COVID-19.

The decision caused a rift with the central authorities but a nearby court blocked the first effort to redesign it.