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Shots fired by North Korea’Casual’: US Secretary of State Pompeo

Shots fired by North Korea across its border with South Korea were Probably”Casual,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on Sunday as speculation continues to swirl Regarding the Wellbeing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

North and South Korea on Saturday traded gunfire across a rural shield place, increasing tension per day after North Korean state media revealed Kim visiting a mill, the initial report of him making a public appearance as April 11.

“We believe these are casual. South Koreans did return. So much as we could tell, there was no lack of life on each side,” Pompeo mentioned on ABC This Week.

Pompeo failed to discuss whether he understands whether Kim was severely sick during the past couple of months – that ratcheted up speculation because Kim missed a party of his late-night – but stated according to video footage from state television in a current occasion, “It resembles Chairman Kim is well and alive.”

“We all know there are other lengthy periods where Chairman Kim’s been from public opinion too, therefore it is not unprecedented,” Pompeo explained.