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Since Shah Rukh Khan’s Don turns 13, Farhan Akhtar gives a big shout from the’best throw’. However, all fans need is Don 3

Last updated on October 21, 2019

He composed together with the movie’s poster, “The number 13. Except for a few. Unlucky for many others. Don does not give a damn. . !! He creates his fate. Boom. A major shout from the very best cast and crew an individual might have hoped for to recreate this classic” The movie spawned a sequel, which was also led by Farhan, also published in 2011.

Fans responded to Farhan’s article by demanding the long-awaited Don 3. “And we’re still awaiting Don 3,” one man wrote. Following the commercial and critical failure of Shah Rukh’s most current launch, Zero, it had been rumored for some time he was planning to put a safe bet, such as Don 3, due to his second job. However, an Asian Age reported that a source as saying, “Farhan Akhtar has no script, but maybe not an idea for a plot to do a different movie. He has not led any movie for the previous nine decades. His final directorial was Don two in 2011. It appears like that the Don series is lifeless “

Farhan’s producing partner, Ritesh Sidhwani, told Mumbai Mirror in March, “We’re still working on it and do not know when it will occur. It is a keenly awaited franchise and we can not disappoint the fans” Meanwhile, the Shah Rukh had stated previously, “Farhan does not have some narrative for Don 3 however.” He recently appeared in Priyanka Chopra-starrer The Sky is Pink, also has started work on the boxing play, Toofan.