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Situs Resmi – Tunisie

Situs Resmi – Tunisie Composed of a central database for the registration of special identifiers of cellular phones and tablet computers, this system will come into operation from January 1, 2021, including the Minister, through a media conference held in Tunis…

According to him, this initiative can help to restrict using non-compliant phones, demonstrating that 60% of cellular telephones which are triggered on the networks of those 3 operators stem from smuggling and parallel markets.

He added that this may also shield the market and create additional tax revenue, suggesting that almost 3 million cellular phones are lawfully imported into Tunisia every year.

This system, ” he explained, which is controlled by the Center d’Etudes et de Recherches des Télécommunications (CERT), will aim to safeguard people networks against interference which may be created by the usage of non-mobile mobiles. Compliant and guarantee a fantastic quality of support to customers.

The director-general of CERT, Naoufel Ben Said, for his part, also suggested that this program will permit the registration of cellular phones run by the respective operators (almost 14 million readers ).

He worried that mobile devices obtained through illegal channels and stolen telephones will be obstructed, calling for the requirement to enroll mobile devices (telephones and tablet computers ) individually erased from overseas through the website HTTPS: // Dajani. tn. And also to add that everyone wanting to get a telephone already being used, simply dial up the code 999 # to assess if it’s authorized.

Also, he remembered that Tunisian law prohibits the purchase and use of stolen cellular phones.

By the conclusion of the press conference, an arrangement concerning the operationalization of the system has been signed between CERT and the three cellular operators in Tunisia.