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Slovakia far-right leader Marian Kotleba jailed toward four years over Nazi symbols

The chief of a far-right party with seats in the Slovak parliament was convicted of illegal usage of neo-Nazi symbols and sentenced to four decades and four months in prison Monday.

Marian Kotleba, head of the People’s Party Our Slovakia, was standing trial once he introduced three bad families with tests for 1,488 euros in 2017. The amount 1,488 has a symbolic significance for neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

The verdict is not final. Kotleba pleaded not guilty and may appeal the verdict issued by the Specialized Criminal Court at Pezinok. The country’s Supreme Court would decide on his charm.

The intense far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia, whose members utilize Nazi salutes and desire Slovakia from the European Union and NATO, was the fourth-most popular celebration in the nation in February’s parliamentary elections with 8 percent support.

It’s 17 seats in the 150-seat that the Slovak Parliament and 2 chairs in the European Parliament.

Kotleba along with also his party’s members publicly back the heritage of the Nazi puppet state that Slovakia was during World War II.

The episode in 2017 happened on March 14, the anniversary of the Slovak wartime nation’s institution in 1939.

This past year, the Supreme Court ignored a petition by the country’s prosecutor general to prohibit Kotleba’s celebration.

In his petition, Jaromir Ciznar stated the People’s Party Our Slovakia is an extremist group whose actions violate the nation’s constitution and it intends to ruin the nation’s democratic system.

However, the court ruled that the prosecutor overall failed to give sufficient proof to the ban.