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Slovenia first European Nation to Announce an end to coronavirus Outbreak, Calms some Boundary control

The Slovenian authorities late on Thursday predicted an official conclusion to its coronavirus outbreak, getting the first European nation to do so, following police confirmed less than seven new coronavirus instances daily for the previous two weeks.

Folks now arriving in Slovenia from other European Union countries will no longer be compelled to go to quarantine for seven times as was the case in early April, the authorities said in a statement.

The nation of two million people, that borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, has up to now reported 1,464 coronavirus instances and 103 deaths. It announced that an outbreak on March 12.

“Slovenia has tamed the outbreak over the previous two months… Now Slovenia gets the finest epidemiologic film in Europe,” Prime Minister Janez Jansa told parliament earlier on Thursday.

The conclusion of the outbreak means some steps, such as monetary aid to citizens and companies hit by the coronavirus, will expire at the end of May.

The authorities said overseas citizens that show signs of coronavirus disease will nevertheless not be permitted to enter the nation.

A quarantine of 14 times will stay in place for individuals from non-EU countries, except for a few exemptions such as diplomats and individuals transporting freight.

Citizens will still need to follow basic principles to avoid a potential spread of disease, the authorities said without elaborating.

Public transportation resumed earlier this week while following week a few students will go back to colleges. All restaurants and bars in addition to small resorts with around 30 rooms will be permitted to open weekly.