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Snapchat rolls out lenses Such as Rongali Bihu, Vaisakhi and Much More

Festivals are being celebrated at a different fashion this season on account of the continuing pandemic. It is not feasible to measure out and keep with the typical celebrations for various festivals. But there is still 1 means to do it and that is online. Bearing in mind that the harvest and spring year, Snapchat has introduced committed lenses for all these festivals.

Snapchat’s brand new festive lenses will soon be available for consumers depending on the area in which the festival is happening. Users may discover these lenses by scrolling through different lenses in the base on the Snapchat program. Users can try these lenses out and discuss them together with their merry greetings.

Then there is Pana Sankranti that’s celebrated in Odisha. The following day on April 14 it is Puthandu which marks the very first day of the conventional Tamil calendar. Men and women in Kerala will be observing Vishu that’s a sacred festival.

Celebrations towards the East will happen in Assam where folks will observe Rongali Bihu on April 14. This festival crosses for seven days with each day with a different meaning. Then there is Pahela Baishakh that will happen in West Bengal and Tripura.

The lenses have filter impacts together with the greeting message.