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Soap opera? Prague music lovers watch Don Giovanni in the tub

Mozart’s Don Giovanni was a favorite among opera fans because it premiered in Prague in the late eighteenth century, however it’s not likely that any have ever observed it onto a rooftop from the Czech capital while still submerged in a bath tub, glass of bubbly in hand until today.

The unorthodox operation was awarded at sunset by leading Czech opera singers, such as soloist Adam Plachetka of the Vienna Opera.

The stunt was established about an anagram — Don Giovanni in Czech is”John perform vany” which also means”John to the bathtub”. Prague cafe proprietor and civilization promoter Ondrej Kobza organised the operation, and considers that introducing culture in advanced ways is the ideal means of keeping it.

He explained:”Mozart wrote the opera in Prague and only due to the anagram, we needed to earn a tribute to Mozart with it”

Plachetka reported that choosing to do was a bold move for himbut he appreciated the challenge. “When Mr Kobza requested me to get involved in this occasion, it was a bold step for me since this is something quite unconventional, but I enjoy new challenges. We’re showing what it’s all about.”

Audience member Martin Sterba explained:”I’m usually not after the opera a good deal, yet to watch Don Giovanni as’John perform vany’ from within a bath tub, with a wonderful view of Prague Castle is something amazing.”