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Sony PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Collection X controller: Layout, Compatibility and Features compared

Sony has introduced its PlayStation 5 control but is yet to demonstrate that the PS5 itself which is going to be arriving later this season.

The controls are normally the significant purchasing variable because they remain on your hand all of the time, allows you to play games or accessibility features effortlessly. Thus, we’ve compared both controls based on the data that’s present on the net.


Consequently, when you’ve been playing the Xbox One before or DualShock 4, then you won’t have to experience a huge learning curve to utilize the next-gen controls as the button designs stay the same. The significant change using the DualSense is the light pub sits on the borders of the touchpad instead of the cap of the touchpad such as in DualShock 4. In Xbox collection X controls, the causes and bumpers are marginally larger than previously. Rush is pretty much the same.

Xbox Collection X controller.
Like preceding Xbox controllers, the Xbox collection X controller also comes from monochrome Black with vibrant XYBA buttons on the ideal side. Additionally, the Xbox house button excels in White when switched. Sony nevertheless, has refreshed the color strategy now by introducing a two-tone color search for DualSense control. Even though the right and left side together with the trackpad are White, the joystick button region, causes and the whole bottom is in Black.

It’s not for certain how third party business brings more customization choices but we believe that DualSense users can find far more choices given the two-tone appearance.

Extra attributes

What is new now for the Xbox collection X controller is your brand new Share button in the center that readily enables you to discuss screenshots and gameplay along with other individuals. But, it’s been shifted into creating’ button which accompanies the same attributes along with a few improvements. Additional the PS5 controller includes an integrated mic to quickly speak to buddies with no headset. In terms of programmers, the controls enable them to optimize the cause immunity, as stated by Gamespot.

You receive haptic feedback and a 3.5millimeter headphone jack at the controls.

Power origin

The significant distinction here is that DualSense includes built-in batteries which you need to control to play wirelessly. Xbox collection X controller supports outside AA batteries, making it marginally easier for players to keep on playing without blasting it in. Both make use of those USB Type-C interfaces for charging.


For the time being, Sony hasn’t yet verified if the PS5 DualSense controller will encourage PlayStation 4 games console or not. Additionally, the Xbox One controls are going to have the ability to encourage Series X console.


The costs of the controls aren’t out yet. We presume that these will soon be out the day businesses show the costs of Xbox collection X and Sony PlayStation 5.