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South Korea says Kim Jong Un Might be trying to Prevent coronavirus

The speculation dropped following Kim’s unprecedented lack of public ceremonies on the April 15 arrival anniversary of the grandfather and founder of the nation, Kim Il Sung.

Kim hasn’t yet been seen in public since.

South Korean officials believe they’ve discovered no unusual movements in North Korea and also have cautioned against reports that Kim could be sick.

North Korea has said it’s no confirmed instances of this coronavirus, however, given that the nation has taken strict actions to head off an epidemic, Kim’s absence from the ceremonies isn’t especially uncommon, Unification Minister Kim Yeon-Chul, that manages North Korea participation, told lawmakers.

“It is correct he had never missed the anniversary for Kim Il Sung’s birthday because he took power, but a lot of anniversary occasions such as parties and a feast was canceled due to coronavirus worries,” the ministry said in a hearing.

He explained there were two cases since mid-January at which Kim Jong Un was out of sight for almost 20 days. “I don’t think that is especially unusual given the present (coronavirus) situation”

The unification minister clarified reports that Kim had experienced a heart procedure, which a Chinese medical group had traveled to North Korea, as”fake news”

Citing three individuals knowledgeable about this circumstance, Reuters reported Saturday that China had dispatched a team to North Korea for example medical specialists to advise Kim Jong Un, although it was uncertain what the excursion signaled with regards to Kim’s health.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he’s a fantastic idea how Kim Jong Un is performing and hopes he’s fine, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he knows reports on Kim’s wellbeing and he had been paying close attention to improvements.

North Korea had canceled a few big events and enforced a boundary lockdown and quarantine measures in a bid to protect against an outbreak of this coronavirus.

“If he’s merely attempting to prevent disease, it should be quite simple to release videos or photos of a healthy-looking Kim,” he explained.


An authoritative source acquainted with U.S. intelligence coverage said on Monday it had been completely possible Kim had vanished from public view to prevent vulnerability to COVID-19 along with the sighting of his presidential train at the coastal resort area of Wonsan did indicate he could be there I’ve been there lately.

However, the source said that because there wasn’t any authoritative backing for this decision, U.S. bureaus were still thinking about the possibility Kim could be sick, even badly.

38 North, a Washington-based North Korea monitoring job, stated on Saturday that satellite pictures from last week revealed a particular train which was likely Kim’s in Wonsan, lending weight to reports that he was spending time in the hotel region.

“North Korea always perceives that U.S. spy satellites are tracking the North and is ready for this,” he explained at a post on Facebook.

North Korean press reports imply that Kim is still executing his responsibilities, Unification minister Kim stated, though some specialists say they aren’t necessarily conclusive.

“I concur with all the Korean administration’s assessment that there’s not any reason to believe Kim Jong Un isn’t doing his responsibilities,” stated Rachel Minyoung Lee, a former North Korea open-source intelligence analyst to the U.S. government. I’d guess that almost all of them aren’t composed by him anyhow.”