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Spain says It’s Going to respond with Power to Brand New US tariffs

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Spain has summoned the US ambassador from Madrid to state its absolute rejection of any new US tariffs on European Union products and will push for strong countermeasures if they’re verified, the acting authorities said on Friday.

Madrid said it had been prepared to become an intermediary in discussions between the EU and the United States but when negotiations failed, it might involve the reactivation of both tariffs from a 2004 WTO dispute obtained from the EU – that Spain states are worth more than 4 billion euros.

“If the US government resisted this deal of conversation on the part of Spain and the European Union, the Spanish authorities will respond immediately with clarity and strength to defend the interests of the citizens and employers,” the authorities said.

The US ambassador to Spain couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

Spain quotes that the new tariffs, which Washington said it might inflict on goods such as cheese and wine, will impact approximately 1 billion euros of exports per year.

“It makes no sense that a battle within the funding and building of civilian planes degenerates to a wide business warfare against the agricultural industry that’s neither great for European or US taxpayers,” it said in a statement.

If the tariffs have been supported, Spain said it would ask the European Commission to use many steps to mitigate the effect on its agricultural industry.

The prior complaint taken into the WTO from the EU was settled in 2006. It accused the United States of launching special tax treatment to foreign sales companies.