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‘Speak with Rudy’:’ Impeachment transcripts detail Giuliani’s outsized influence in Ukraine Coverage

Rudy Giuliani was cited over 430 occasions during House impeachment researchers’ interviews with two primary U.S. diplomats, transcripts published on Tuesday series, underscoring the former New York mayor’s outsized role in U.S.-Ukraine policy.

“According to the President’s management, we had been confronted with a decision. We can abandon the objective of a White House meeting for President [Volodymyr] Zelenskiy… or we can do as President Trump led and speak to Mr. Giuliani to tackle the president’s worries.”

Sondland stated Trump didn’t create clear during a meeting earlier this season that Giuliani’s concerns concerning Ukraine were. “He was not even certain regarding exactly what he wanted us to speak about Giuliani about. He just kept saying: Speak to Rudy.

Sondland stated Giuliani”especially mentioned the 2016 election, such as the DNC server, also Burisma as two anti-corruption investigatory subjects of significance for the president”

Giuliani and Trump were compelling Zelenskiy to create what had been deemed an “anti-corruption” announcement, also Sondland testified that he and Volker needed to workshop that announcement so Giuliani will be fulfilled.

“I was worried about was Zelenskiy would say anything he’d say on live tv and it wouldn’t be great enough for Rudy, slash, the president, then we’d be needing to return and inform Zelensky,’ sorry, not good enough,’ which could be extremely embarrassing”

Concerning the announcement,” Giuliani was the one that had to be fulfilled,” Sondland explained.

Sondland stated that there have been numerous conference calls to discuss the wording of this announcement that would suit Giuliani. “I feel it morphed when we began to work on the announcement, it morphed in the vanilla corruption to the Burisma/[2016] part”

“I can remember is that the gist of each call was that which was about to enter the media announcement,” Sondland testified. He mentioned Biden to me any telephone I had been on.”

“I believe Volker was attempting to get into the base of exactly what was it that the President desired to see in the Ukrainians to be able to acquire the White House trip scheduled. And I believe Giuliani kept saying it has to be some sort of a public utterance,” Sondland added.

Sondland stated Pompeo expressed annoyance with Giuliani’s participation in foreign affairs. “And Pompeo rolled his eyes and said:’Yes, it is something we need to manage.'” He included the State Department had been”fully aware” of this matter but”there was very little they could do about it in case the president decided he needed his attorney involved.”

“Throughout the conversation, he’d mention Mayor Giuliani, since he explained that what we had been saying as a favorable story about Ukraine isn’t exactly what he hears. And he even gave the illustration of hearing out of Rudy Giuliani that they are all corrupt, they are all terrible people, they had been — they attempted to carry me down — meaning that the president at the 2016 election. And so he had been demonstrating that he had a negative opinion of and that advice he was getting from different sources was strengthening that negative opinion.”

On the announcement they tried to possess the Ukrainians read, Volker remembered Giuliani stating:”‘Well, if it does not say Burisma and if it does not say 2016, what exactly does it mean? You know, it is not credible. You know, they are hiding something’ So we spoke and I said:’What you are saying is simply after the same announcement, simply insert Burisma and 2015, you believe that would be credible?

Volker stated Pompeo was essentially helpless to prevent Giuliani: “Frankly, yes. I am sure he might have known as Rudy Giuliani, but could Rudy Giuliani quit doing what he is doing since the Secretary of State calls him? I would be amazed.”