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Spider-Man Tom Holland has shaved his head and heartbroken Twitter is holding a wake up with memes

Last updated on October 11, 2019

It has been a bad couple of days for fans of Hollywood hair loss. Coming close on the heels of Joe Keery’s hair heartbreak, Marvel celebrity Tom Holland has gone ahead and shaved off his lovely hair.

A brand new video shared with the celebrity shows him with his head shaved, appearing quite like Eminem. While Tom might have taken the bold step for an upcoming film with The Russo Brothers titled Cherry, nothing can match his wailing lovers.

God a literal catastrophe,” wrote one. Gone but not forgotten remaining in peace,” read the following comment. Please state sike,” composed a hopeful fan.

Another enthusiast had quite a picture comprehension of the actual tragedy of everything. “Y’all whining that since tom holland is essentially bald you can’t hold on to his hair for intercourse, b**ch only grip his ears rather,” the user wrote.

Irrespective of his hair scenario, there were still several lovers who showered the celebrity with love. “Of course most of the things I said were all jokes. I won’t ever EVER Dunstan this bch. He’ll stay a cute Lil bean with anything appearance he provides! He simply did so for cherry it was not his choice that is it. I love u forever @TomHolland1996 however pls develop ur hair back again. Thank,” they wrote. “If y’all will not adore tom holland the same when he had hair, lmao y’all imitation move fk yourselves,” announced a fan.

The net had a much stronger response a month using Stranger Things celebrity Joe Keery turned to some red carpet event having traded in his luscious hair for miniature bangs plus a bowl cut. But he was soon seen with his hair styled differently and enjoy his older self, much to the lovers’ relief.