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Spotify family Program with 3 Weeks free trial Started in India

Spotify’s family program is priced at Rs 179 a month and it’ll hold up to six accounts each household.

This new family program is the most recent subscription program added to Spotify Premium from India. The music streaming service now offers various subscription programs for Rs 119/month and Rs 1,189annually. Additionally, it supplies top-up plans starting at Rs 13 for 1 day, and pupil programs that cost 50% less. Spotify family programs can be obtained only with monthly subscription without a yearly subscription.

Spotify family program can be obtained with three weeks free trial (for first-time users) and the monthly billing will start. Beneath the Spotify family program, members will have the ability to use all Spotify Premium attributes such as offline playback, no advertisements, and limitations. Downloads will nevertheless be limited to 3 devices per Spotify family program. The monthly subscription invoice will be transmitted to the master account holder that will also manage additional details such as adding/removing relatives and upgrading the home address.

Spotify’s family program also includes parental controls allowing them to control the explicit Content Filter’ on the rest of the accounts. Spotify will also provide its’Family Mix’ playlist that is going to be a curated collection of tunes from each member’s account. Present Spotify Premium members may also change to a household program together with their songs, playlists, and recommendations.

“In a time in which parents are attempting to decrease display time for themselves and their loved ones, we are creating more ways for families to bond over music together, while celebrating individual preferences and providing parents more control whenever they need it.”

Compared with Apple Music its family program is priced lower at Rs 149 a month. Apple Music’s family program includes 1-month trial, downloads on all apparatus and supports up to six associates. Much like Spotify, Apple Music also provides a personal consideration for every family member.