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Still another Kashmir Demonstration in London on Diwali day

Last updated on October 19, 2019

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called on organizers of the following Kashmir-related demonstration on October 27 to cancel it in perspective of issues of the Indian community and violence on similar occasions as August 15, which resulted in a diplomatic row between New Delhi and London.

The day-long protest march is scheduled to start from Downing Street and finish away from the Indian high commission, which was the spectacle of violence on August 15 and September 3. Anticipating nearly 10,000 individuals, Scotland Yard has a’sstrong’ policing program in place.

Khan and his Labour party have been in the receiving end of ennui from large parts of the Indian community across the violence in addition to embracing a crisis resolution on Kashmir in the party’s yearly convention that has been rejected by New Delhi as unfounded’.

Insisting that as the mayor that he has no power to prohibit these protests, Khan composed to Navin Shah, member of the London Meeting, to”absolutely condemn” the demonstration strategy” about the auspicious day of Diwali,” and named organizers to think and cancel it.

Khan wrote: “This march is only going to deepen branches at a time when Londoners have to come together…I know why lots of British Indians are deeply worried. Several have felt profoundly threatened and stressed since the preceding protests”.

“As mayor, I’ll continue to do everything I could to extend the hand of friendship to Londoners of Indian origin — that continue to create this amazing contribution to our town. I would like to make sure they feel respected, valued and made to feel secure in London, which London remains a welcoming spot to people from India and across the globe”, he added.

The mayor’s office,” Khan stated, is operating with the authorities to protect against a repeat of the violence seen during previous protests outside India House. Scotland Yard, he added, is working closely with the Indian high commission with this problem.

Reports state British Kashmiris and many others from different areas of the nation have been encouraged to attend the demonstration march and traveling to London on coaches organized by the organizers.

Indian high commission Ruchi Ghanashyam publicly combined a cleanup operation following the September 3 violence.

Meanwhile, the Corbyn reiterated his party’s rights-focussed perspective of Kashmir at an answer to last week’s correspondence by over 100 Indian community businesses, expressing dismay over the crisis resolution adopted at the summit.

That’s our priority and that I concur we should not enable the politics of this sub-continent to split communities in Britain”.

“The Labour party is seriously concerned at the continuing human rights crisis in Kashmir, in addition to the communications and media lockdown imposed on the area”.

“There’s an urgent need for India and Pakistan to work together on a foundation, with assistance from the global community, to achieve a peaceful political solution together with shields the individual rights of the Kashmiri people and respects their rights to have a say in their future”, Corbyn added.