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Stranded Ocean Viking migrants to come within Sicily port on Monday

The Ocean Viking aid boat was allowed authorization from Italian governments to disembark 180 rescued migrants, based on SOS Méditerranée.

“The boat has received instructions to visit Porto Empedocle, Sicily. The 180 lands will probably be disembarked from the vent,” that the French NGO tweeted Sunday.

“The unnecessary delay of the disembarkation has placed lives in danger,” it added.

Earlier reports indicated those on board could be moved onto another boat, the Moby Zaza, also put in quarantine.

There are 25 kids and a pregnant girl one of them.

The NGO noted that German authorities were running evaluations for coronavirus before on Sunday.

The Italian authorities sent a physician on the boat on Saturday following the NGO reported episodes of acute unrest, such as suicide attempts and threats to the boat’s team, prompting demands for the immediate evacuation of 44 individuals because of”acute psychological distress”.

The physician excluded any psychological illness, but confessed that the migrants have been”exhausted, nervous and stressed”. At the same time, he encouraged them to prevent being”competitive” to ease the disembarking operations.

“It merely depends upon you! Do not make an issue, don’t struggle, respect the team, you saved you, and it’ll go fast”, he explained, according to news agency AFP.

“We are aware it is lengthy, but the coronavirus slows down things in Italy so be patient,” he informed the migrants, before being applauded as he left the boat.

“They consider him because he symbolizes Italy”, Anne, physician of their SOS Méditerranée, stated, adding that the situation should evolve rapidly as”the placebo effect’ won’t last long”.

“What’s required is to dock today,” operations supervisor onboard Nicholas Romaniuk said, “and you must take action before there’s a departure”