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Strong Wars kill 20, injure Countless Southern Philippines

At least 20 people have died, tens of thousands injured and tens of thousands of structures destroyed following a series of strong earthquakes struck the southern Philippines in the last two months, based on tragedy risk-reduction agencies.

Even a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Mindanao island Thursday morning, together with Cotabato state as its epicenter, two times following a 6.6 magnitude quake hit the same location. On Oct. 16, Cotabato state felt a 6.3 magnitude tremor that killed at least seven, while 13 people have died from quakes from the past 3 times.

Thursday’s earthquake left a resort in Cotabato’s capital city near meltdown, even though a condo in Davao City sustained major damage, based on reports from provincial bureaus.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s home in Davao City where he had been staying during the quake continued cracks and has been assessed for structural integrity, his security chief said.

Located across the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is more prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In 2013, a 7.2 magnitude quake in Bohol and neighboring regions killed over 200 people. Numerous strong earthquakes struck distinct pieces of the Philippines, including the capital area this season.