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Struggling to Start EU accession talks’a betrayal’ – North Macedonian Prime Minister

Last updated on October 30, 2019

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister has warned that the deal with Greece which resulted in his nation’s renaming could be at risk.

Zoran Zaev’s remarks follow the European Union’s decision not to start accession negotiations with all the Balkan state after France vetoed the movement.

France’s veto from the opening of EU accession talks was clarified as a historic mistake by leading EU officials. For all, in doing this, that the French President may have jeopardized the EU’s decade-long plan towards the Balkans.

Zaev informed Euronews’ Efi Koutsokosta he considered the failure to Start accession talks as a betrayal:

“All nations of the western Balkans have an EU integration schedule, but within my country happened lots of favourite things. We’re a really rare positive example concerning bilateral problems here in the area. The arrangement with Greece is an uncommon sort of arrangement. This type of arrangement has been present previously just after wars, once the politicians sit make arrangements.

“We changed our name, we changed our constitution obtained nearly all in a practice of 120 times, an extremely painful procedure because there were lots of dangers by the nationalists and toxins in our nation and following that, the message (from Europe) had been”OK, you’re ready” but today we aren’t prepared. Truly, we could wait but it is a major disappointment for us.

“We changed everything from the nation. We changed all indications within our public institutions, hints with our neighbors from the airports, in our instruction, sites, everything. We’re in the procedure.”

“I am scared very much. When there’s positive land for nationalism and radicalism to grow again, it is going to mean enormous harm to the entire Balkans.