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‘Suggestions, truants and transsexuals’: Lukashenko loyalists Reach out over Belarus protests

The perspectives of Belarus’ resistance movement are well understood: the month’s presidential poll was rigged in Alexander Lukashenko’s favor, he should step aside and fair and free elections should be held within six weeks.

But what about fans of Lukashenko? Are they backing him what do they believe about the presentations?

To get octogenarian Marina Anatoljevna Demjanina, from Grodno close to the border, Lukashenko is a pillar of Belarusian equilibrium.

“When it’s broken, the remainder tumbles down disastrously,” she advised Euronews. “When this occurred in Ukraine, a war broke out there and the blood has been shed even today. Is that exactly what our resistance people desire?

“All of us lived in fear under Stalin, but there were impeccable arrangements and respect for order. Democracies are doomed and twisted. The people are a lot worse and far more egocentric nowadays.

“It’s nowhere near the fact that only the older service Lukashenko. My grandsons, both in their twenties, also favor him so far.”

Lukashenko, 66, is the sole president Belarus has ever understood.

However, his grip on power was shaken lately with a burgeoning opposition movement that has orchestrated regular anti-Lukashenko marches.

“Many men and women who encourage Lukashenko are fearful to speak out today and a few are fearful for their own lives,” Demjanina maintained.

“I’m not scared to admit that I’m encouraging our president (Lukashenko), despite the fact he has proven any disrespect to veterans of the Afghanistan war,” he explained.

“A revolution — and this one continuing these weeks in Belarus is no exception — is harmful.

“We may observe the calmness and the comparative wellbeing we have created under Lukashenko at tatters shortly”

Recently crucial members of Belarus’ resistance movement have been detained or forced from the country.

“They indiscriminately enticed them and therefore are still enticing them to take part in the opposition rallies,” explained Sevokhin, who’s located at the capital Minsk.

“The political wannabes netted them social networking, where the childhood spends these days.

“Many of those kids haven’t worked and a number are malicious truants in their schools. But now they believe really important in the opposition-held rallies.”

But Sevokhin admits he concerns asserts Lukashenko won 80 percent of the vote at the election and the authorities were violent with all the protesters.

But seem to influence his unswerving dedication.

“Western values happen to be crippling societies,” he continued. “And Lukashenko is the guarantor of our very own Belarusian and Spiritual values.

“With Belarus being at the West, we’ll shortly see transsexuals marching with their hands clasped in central Minsk.

Nikolaj Logvin, exiled from the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda however that moves back to Belarus frequently, includes a more balanced perspective.

“The childhood is for modification, the older for Lukashenko, with a few exceptions on either side,” he explained. “Many of them are cautious of what occurred in Ukraine, which has not seen peace inside itself.

“It sad to see as much enmity and hostility throughout the positions of a neighborhood, an office,” he added.

Login stated his many relatives back home could not have any complaints regarding their own lives in Belarus.

“All of us have problems. However, my loved ones were contributing very a comfortable life before the new political shake-up. I mean that they had occupations, state-paid allowances, stipends, that were climbing. Above all, we’d equilibrium.

“The resistance and childhood have just 1 aim — to depose the president (Lukashenko). But unfortunately, they have not laid out their eyesight, an financial strategy how to maneuver Belarus ahead with Lukashenko out”

So just how much service will Lukashenko have in the nation?

Belarusian political analyst Alyaksandr Klaskouski informed Euronews that officials at the massive state devices, in addition to the siloviki and their families, encourage him.

“Additionally the grandmas who invest their whole evenings seeing state TV news,” he added. “Overall, Lukashenko fans must include 20-30 percent, no longer.

“So far, the siloviki are supporting him but erosion but has started with a few officials stopping their jobs in protest of their clamping down or siding with the resistance.

“I predict his odds of being in power in the year as 50-50. However, nobody doubts, and possibly he too, his days are numbered. It’s merely a matter of time before the program collapses.”