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Summer was hottest at record against Northern Hemisphere

The US governmental agency discovered that in the 3 weeks from June through August, typical temperatures were 0.92°C over the 20th-century average.

This left it”the most popular meteorological summer on record, exceeding 2019 and 2016 that were tied for hottest, the NOAA said in an announcement.

August was especially scorching and has been the hottest on record from the Northern Hemisphere with typical temperatures scaling 1.19°C over the 20th-century average.

For the world as a whole, it had been the second-hottest August from the 141-year album behind August 2016.

“Globally, the 10 warmest Augusts have occurred since 1998 — with all the five warmest happening since 2015,” the NOAA added.

Scientists now anticipate 2020 to be ranking one of the five warmest years on record with Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean area all enrolling their latest January-August on the document.

The bureau also speculates the normal Arctic sea ice coverage in August was the third-lowest record, 29.4 percent under the 1981-2010 average.

The Danish and Greenland Geological Survey declared on Monday an ice sheet measuring 113 km2 had isolated from the Arctic’s biggest ice shelf that was remaining.

“The air in this area has warmed by about 3°C since 1980 and record-breaking temperatures are found in 2019 and 2020,” Dr. Jenny Turton, in the Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany, said in a statement.