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Suspect arrested over’bomb threat’ in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport

A suspect was arrested over a”bomb threat” at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

The Marechausseelater, the Dutch army authorities, affirmed that”no products were found” following a hunt and all regions of the airport are currently available.

The authority had previously stated that they had been exploring a”questionable scenario onboard an aircraft”, soon following 15.00 (CET).

Passengers were evacuated from the airplane, whilst a part of Pier D in the airport had stayed closed throughout the analysis.

The Marechausseelater stated on social websites that a defendant was detained in Haarlem, a town west of Amsterdam, without giving further information.

Schiphol Airport also verified a”potential security incident” has been detained, as some witnesses reported armed police in the scene.

This past year, a security scare at the airport had been triggered when an Air Europa pilot inadvertently triggered an alarm, suggesting that a hijacking was happening on a plane.