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Suspended sentence for man who shared on Line Molotov Cocktail tutorial to’Yellow Vests’ Webpage

A guy has been given a two-month suspended prison sentence for sharing an Internet tutorial of how to make a Molotov cocktail

The person has posted a URL to an explainer movie onto a”yellow vests” website, Nancy people prosecutor François Pérain stated on Friday.

The suspect, named Nabile B, was sentenced by the criminal courtroom at Nancy on Wednesday.

Throughout the trial, he clarified that his article was only informative and he didn’t wish to call for violence against law enforcement.

The guy was seen on 15 April from the federal platform PHAROS, which permits online reporting of prohibited material and behavior online.

The defendant was released after being charged with”provocation with no influence into the offense and crime by way of digital communication and dissemination by the electronic communication system of a procedure allowing the fabrication of a destruction apparatus”.

Along with the suspended sentence, the court confiscated the accused of computer gear, Pérain explained.