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Taliban Fans cheer US withdrawal Strategies

Taliban loyalists are cheering the possibility of a bargain with the US that after 18 decades of gruelling battle will see”defeated” American”invaders” eventually go home.

While details of the deal haven’t been announced, it’s widely anticipated the Pentagon will slash its troop presence in Afghanistan in exchange for various Taliban obligations.

AFP talked to several Taliban fighters and fans in the vicinity of Kandahar — the southern Afghan state that’s the birthplace of the Islamist movement and also a crucial stronghold.

Islamic worth

Mohammad Manzoor Hussaini, who formerly fought for the Taliban, was before two decades back hiding out in Pakistan but returned to Kandahar since the team’s influence strengthened.

All of Afghans need is a calmness based on”Islamic principles”, ” he explained, employing the same stock term the Taliban have utilized in discussions with the United States.

The expression is regarded as controversial since it’s open to broad interpretation, as well as the Taliban are famous for compelling some of the very extreme views of their Muslim religion, such as an almost complete denial of freedoms for girls.

“Afghans must trust one another, and needs to be fair to one another, and ought not to listen to some foreigners”.

However, if things are poorly managed, the war might go on for another 20 decades and spread to other nations also, Hussaini cautioned.

Leaving with pity

Hafiz Mohammad Wali, a gardener in the Shahjoy District of Zabul province, that acquaintances Kandahar, was thrilled at the news that a bargain is very likely to find the US army draw down its forces.

“For almost 20 decades, we’ve been expecting for this information, to determine the Americans leave Afghanistan with pity,” he explained.

“People are now praying for peace in the nation. We’ve fought a whole lot, and also the fighting continues today.”

Like the majority of those Taliban fans AFP talked to, Wali concerned about whether the team would have the ability to generate another deal with the Afghan government.

“Our principal concern is the way the Taliban and the Afghan authorities make peace,” he explained.

“Afghans are fighting each other for decades from the cities and districts. Can they sit? This isn’t simply my concern. However, other villagers will also be concerned about it.”

“The Afghans have been battling dinosaurs for decades after it had been the Russians, now it’s that the Americans and the British,” Agha said.

“With the support of Almighty Allah, we’ve defeated them .”

The toll that the war has taken over the US army — over 2,400 US troops killed in battle and tens of thousands more with dreadful wounds — could force America to think twice before invading other nations, he explained.

“Afghans take a poor, humble lifestyle, but not anyone as their masters,” he explained.

Mullah Rauf that was formerly a Taliban commander from the central province of Ghazni, was optimistic peace could eventually come to Afghanistan following 18 decades of battle.

“Both sides in this war are exhausted,” he explained.

“I’m quite glad America is leaving, since they did not give Afghans anything but destruction and war, and tens of thousands of Afghans were murdered… If Afghans combine hands, they could prevent more devastation and bloodshed.”