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Tanzania seizes ivory tusks Equal to 117 elephants Murdered

Tanzania has captured ivory tusks equal to killing at least 117 dinosaurs, its tourism ministry said, a part of its drive to stamp out organized criminal networks engaged in years of industrial-scale poaching.

The elephant population in Tanzania, famous for the wildlife reserves, shrank from 110,000 from 2009 to hardly 43,000 in 2014, based on a 2015 census, together with conservation groups attributing uncontrolled poaching. The government says amounts have started to recover.

The requirement for ivory from Asian nations like China and Vietnam, in which it’s turned into stones and decorations, has pushed the spike in poaching across Africa.

“The arrest of Nyoni has brought us to a point where we could say we’ve taken into custody all of the hardcore poachers on our wanted list, except for some who have abandoned the nation,” Kigwangalla explained.

“Nyoni along with his accomplices’ consignment is worth 4 billion shillings ($1.74 million) and entailed with the killing of 117 dinosaurs heading back into 2015 and before,” he explained.

Pictures Kigwangalla submitted on his Twitter account revealed him scrutinizing a row comprising 75 entire tusks and a few 338 smaller parts of ivory.

The government said in July its anti-poaching attempts had contributed to some comeback in sea numbers, which climbed to over 60,000 at present.

A Tanzanian courtroom in February sentenced a notable Chinese businesswoman dubbed the”Ivory Queen” into 15 years in prison for smuggling that the tusks of over 350 elephants to Asia, marking a significant victory for the authorities.