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Teen Ecological activist Greta Thunberg wins Amnesty’s Greatest human rights award

The 16-year-old, who’s taking a year from high school, received a standing ovation from students at The George Washington University in the US capital in which the service was held.

“The politics necessary to undertake this catastrophe simply does not exist now,” Thunberg stated, standing on a measure to get to the mike.

“This is the reason why each one of us need to shove from every angle to hold those responsible accountable and to make the folks in power “

She added that the trophy wasn’t only for her however, the countless youth that have taken part because a year in weekly college strikes held each Friday, motivated by the sit-in she started outside Sweden’s parliament at August 2018.

That’ll be followed on Saturday from the very first Youth Climate Summit in the UN as well as the Climate Action Summit on Monday, which the UN leader has convened since the world’s largest polluters remain woefully behind their greenhouse gas emissions goals.

Thunberg talked forcefully Monday regarding the”destruction” of this world and the large scale deaths which could come about because of climate change, air and water pollution and the destruction of food chains.

But she also saw an”awakening”

“Although it’s slow, the speed is picking up and the discussion is changing,” she explained, before concluding:”See you on the road!”

“They can not simply ignore us !”

‘No human rights without people’

Before, Kumi Naidoo, the secretary general of Amnesty International, told AFP that the company was initially not going to give the trophy in 2019, after the unprecedented decision to draw from Aung San Suu Kyi in overdue 2018.

Amnesty rescinded the award against the Myanmar leader for”the black betrayal of the principles she stood for” over Suu Kyi’s”obvious indifference” to the anguish of the Rohingya population.

However, Naidoo was swayed from the effect Thunberg along with other youth activists had achieved and may reach later on, including that the UK’s parliament announced a climate crisis after she met with British political leaders.

“The award is all about acknowledging that they have done something that lots of us who have been engaged for decades have never been able to perform, they have been in a position to really inspire a far bigger amount of individuals,” he explained.

“These youthful, higher school students are playing an essential part in teaching their parents”

Naidoo added the problem of climate change has been a human rights issue, also touched upon every element of Amnesty’s work, from refugees to native rights into the defense against rights defenders, using an increasingly rising amount of ecological activists being murdered.

Over this,”climate change threatens the ability of human beings to exist on this world and without the human beings there are no human rights,” he reasoned.