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Telegram Affects emoji of Belarus flag in solidarity with protesters

The instant messaging program Telegram was in the middle of the protest movement in Belarus. The platform has become the very first to modify the nation’s flag emoji.

Protests against the principle of authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko have been penalized since the country’s contested election on August 9.

The official outcome handed Lukashenko a sixth term in electricity but has been rejected by opposition candidates as well as also the European Union.

The demonstration movement additionally rejected the nation’s official flag, originally embraced in the Soviet-era, and reinstated by Lukashenko in the 1990s. Telegram’s choice to mirror this shift is viewed as highly important by most in the motion.

The white-red-wite flag has become a symbol of defiance.

Its origins extend back into the immediate aftermath of World War I, however, it wasn’t till the early 1990s this layout was temporarily adopted as the nation’s official flag.

President Lukashenko reversed this shift upon his rise to power.

“Historically there was no conflict between those flags,” journalist Frank Viačorka informed Euronews.

“Due to the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko, the red-green flag is currently closely linked to repression, torture, and police violence.

“So a lot of folks don’t wish to take this flag into protests since it appears very negative. So people shifted to white-red-white.

“Telegram messaging program made this shift in solidarity with Belarusians. And I believe most Belarusians obtained this message ” he said.