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Tens of thousands evacuated following Uzbekistan bank bursts

Over 50 people were hospitalized.

More than 600 houses in southern Kazakhstan have been bombarded.

Uzbekistan’s state prosecutor said on Sunday a criminal case was opened to”official neglect” and building offenses.

The building of this Sardoba dam started in 2010 under the oversight of present President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, that had been prime minister at the moment.

It was finished in 2017.

Mirziyoyev on Friday flew into the area, which found strong winds and rains ahead of the collapse of the dam, to be able to oversee the evacuation and cleanup operation.

Officials from Kazakhstan’s southern Turkestan area, where over 5,000 people have been evacuated up to now, criticized Uzbekistan for not providing timely information regarding the status of flooding management Saturday.

“We’ve got a copy of our correspondence with the Uzbek side, which as of (8 pm Friday) the problem was steady and there weren’t any problems,” explained Saken Kalkamanov, deputy governor of the Turkestan area.

“They stated not a drop of water could hit Maktaraal district,” he explained, speaking to the place where the flooding hit.

“But what happened has occurred.”

The management of the Turkestan area estimated that the flooding caused crop damage worth greater than $400,000 — largely into the cotton, which is grown across the Central Asian area.