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Tens of thousands turn out for anti-Salvini’sardine’ Demonstration

In Italy, thousands of people filled the Piazza Della Republica in Florence on Saturday to protest the existence of far-right League party leader Matteo Salvini.

The demonstration was organized by the so-called’sardine’ motion – that interrupts the populism and nationalism which Salvini signifies. The’hens’ are not aligned with almost any political party but at one point the audience broke into the left-handed immunity song Bella Ciao.

The’sardine’ flashmob started only weeks back in Bologna as a counter-protest into some rally Salvini was still attending. Its title stems from the notion of cramming as many people as you can into the town’s Piazza Maggiore square.

The objective of its creators would be to fit the 6,000 people expected to turn out to Salvini. In the long run, an estimated 15,000’hens’ showed up.

‘Sardine’ demonstrations have occurred across Italy – such as in the cities of Palermo, Genoa, Rimini, and Sorrento.